Piano – Lucas Heytens

Tenorsaxophone – Jeroen Vanbever



The tenor saxophone has only had a relatively short solo career in the classical music landscape and with this project we want to change that.

No other saxophone is as versatile as the tenor saxophone, it sounds woolly and sweet at first and then suddenly funky and sharp again. The repertoire walks the thin line between classical, jazz and popular music. A nice example of this is the work supplemented with electronics: “May This Bliss Never End” by the Dutch Avant-Pop composer JacobTV.

Be dazzled by the sounds of this dynamic duo, tenor saxophone & piano.




The Núna Ensemble is a new, Belgian chambermusic group consisting of saxophone and string quartet. The saxophone was developed by the Belgian inventor, Adolphe Sax, to serve as a bridge between the strings, woodwinds and brass in the symphonic orchestra. An instrument with a soundpalette and qualities that blend perfectly with the other instruments in the orchestra. With this idea in mind, Jeroen started this new ensemble mid-2018 with friends, a quintet with saxophone and string quaret.

With this unique formation, the Núna Ensemble wants to explore new boundaries. They strive to bring originel repertoire for this line-up and they work with young, Belgian composers to create new repertoire.  This special project has already been invited to play at the triennial World Saxophone Conference in Zagreb. In their first program: “Sax & Strings – Crossing Borders” they looked for crossovers between classical, jazz and folk music. Discover the saxophone and string quartet as you have never heard them before.


Violin – Reinout Pauwels & Siewald Degraeve

Viola – Xavier Timmermans

Cello – Clémence Clarysse

Saxophones – Jeroen Vanbever



The Circling Saxes is a renowned Belgian saxophone quartet. Besides the classical and contemporary repertoire, they also perform songs from the lighter genre.

As a Belgian saxophone quartet, works by Belgian composers such as Piet Swerts, André Waignein and Kurt Bikkembergs are an important part of their repertoire.

All members of the quartet regularly participate in projects and concerts by Prometheus, Brussels Philharmonic, Symphony Orchestra Flanders, Flanders Opera and the Symphony Orchestra of the Mint, among others.



Vibrant is Jeroen’s first solo project. the versatility of the saxophone is central.

With his baritonesax and loops, he creates mesmerizing, musical stories. The combination with visuals by artists like Sammy Slabbinck adds to the complete exprience for ears and eyes.

Besides composed works, he also makes way for improvisations in which he expresses his individuality. Prepare yourself for a unique musical narrative for young and old with images, sax and electronics.




In search for original music for your party? Charlie and the Music Factory produces high quality covers and recycles all the greatest hits for music lovers like you.

We are a one-of-a-kind Electro-Acoustic cover band, combining acoustic instruments with live-electronics. Get ready for an unforgettable experience.

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