/ˈvʌɪbr(ə)nt/ adjective

full of energy and life. quivering; pulsating.

VIBRANT is my first full solo project that I want to share with the world. In VIBRANT, I create new sound universes by manipulating the acoustic sound of my saxophones using effect pedals and loopstation. This creates musical stories like the dreamy soundscape Whales in the sky, clouds in the Sea, the bluesy noise BOOOM or the intimate He left once, She left twice, which I wrote in memory of my grandparents.

photos © Lien Wevers // promovideo by Pilooot

VIBRANT was also the title of my first composition for baritonsax and loops and had his world premiere at the World’s Axofoon Congress in Zagreb (July 2019). On my request, the Belgian video and collage artist Sammy Slabbinck made unique visuals to complement the music.

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