Nov 26, 2022 | News

My Debut Album “Tenor Tribute” is out!


I am so proud to finally be able to present you all my debut album Tenor Tribute and you can buy it in my brand new webshop as of today!

This project is my tribute to the tenor saxophone and the wonderful crossover repertoire for tenor sax. It has been quite a ride, but I was blessed with wonderful artistic partners such as my friend and pianist Lucas Heytens and the wonderful Casco Phil conducted by Benjamin Haemhouts. The recording, mixing and mastering was done @ Galaxy Studios in Mol, Belgium by Tonemeister Patrick Lemmens who did a hell of a job capturing all this beautiful music. And a last shout out to Etcetera Records, the label led by Dirk De Greef, for helping me with the release and physical pressing of the cd’s.

This project was made possible the Flanders Dept. Cultuur, Jeugd & Media and with the supported of a lot of generous people through a crowdfunding at Ulule!

I am eternally grateful to all of you!


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