People often ask me: “What is your setup?” or “What mouthpiece and reeds do you play?”

You’ll find all the answers below, but keep in mind that copying ones gear or setup will not result in sounding the same. Sound is more a matter of how you can imagine your own sound.

What I do want to say is that I strongly believe in the products I use because of the quality and they after all those years always felt good when performing.

Soprano Saxophone


Yanagisawa S-WO2


mouthpiece: Selmer S80 C**

ligature: Vandoren Optimum

reeds: Vandoren 3,5 Traditional


mouthpiece: Vandoren V16 S9

ligature: Vandoren Optimum

reeds: Vandoren 2,5 V16


Alto Saxophone


Yanagisawa A-WO35


Vandoren AL3

BG France L11 Tradition

Vandoren 3,5 Traditional


Vandoren V16 A9 medium chamber

Vandoren M/O

Vandoren 2,5 V16


Tenor Saxophone


Yanagisawa T-WO32


mouthpiece: Vandoren TL5

ligature: BG France Traditional

reeds: Vandoren 3,5 Traditional


mouthpiece: Otto Link 7*

ligature: Vandoren M/O

reeds: Vandoren 3 V16


Baritone Saxophone


Yanagisawa B-992


Vandoren BL5

BG France Traditional

Vandoren 3 Traditional


Berg Larssen ebonite

Standard Berg Larsson

Vandoren 3 Traditional



(live) Audiotechnica PRO35 clip-on

(studio) Modified Condensator Microphone



Voco Loco Pre-Amp by Radial Engineering

Timeline by Strymon

BOSS RC-300 Loopstation



Breathtaking Strap Lithe – brown leather

JazzLab Saxholder



BAM Cabine Cases for alto & tenor sax // Hightech for baritone.



Hercules stands for alto/tenor, baritone saxophone and a duo stand for both alto & tenor. Every stand has room for a velvet soprano peg.

Jeroen endorses Yanagisawa Saxophones and Key Leaves.