Transcribing Uilleann Pipes

Currently I am transcribing some Uilleann Pipes for an upcoming project. (really excited about it, more details soon!)

The song is called Aileen’s Lament from the album Night Owl by Irish singer Dolores Keane.


It is a great challenge to transcribe other instruments than the saxophone. Trying to match the grace notes, bends and timbre of Uilleann Pipes was a fun tonal and technical exercise!

I have done some transcribing of classical singers as well. This was a suggestion of Carrie Koffman, who is saxophone teacher on the faculty of Hartt School (University Hartford) and at Yale School of Music. The goal was to try to match the vibrato and timbre as close as possible and in doing so developing more flexibility in the use of vibrato. And then there is still the benefit of developing the ear. Learned a lot from that exercise!

In my opinion transcription is as valuable for a classical musician as for a jazz musician, in fact for any musician.

Keep up the good work!


By JeroenVanbever